Zone 1 Utility Services has an entire division dedicated to self-performing the installation of metering and network technologies.  We are known throughout the industry for our efficient planning, rapid deployment and quality work.  We hold installation, troubleshooting and network optimization certifications from the top metering manufacturers.  On every job, field installation data is captured and sent back to your Utility Billing Software electronically: eliminating the need for manual entry.

To aid utilities in communicating the benefits and community impact of a mass meter change out, we have developed a comprehensive public relations resource library.  This library includes templates for:

  • Customer Letter – to make your customers aware of infrastructure changes. This letter can be mailed prior to meter installation.
  • Postcard – to be mailed prior to installation when exact installation dates are set. This will provide a second notice of changes and update customers with timeline information.
  • Door Hanger – for post-installation. Placed on customers’ doors, it will verify the meter installation has taken place.
  • Bill Insert – for mailing post-installation. It will apprise customers of any potential billing changes the homeowner may encounter with the new system.
  • News Release – for distribution to local media outlets announcing the implementation of the new system and the end of installation.
  • Web Page Reference – serves as a content guide for a FAQ page, as the utility may want to make this information available to customers.
  • Photos – of new products to include in awareness materials and on the web page.
  • FAQs – to prepare your staff to answer questions about the installation and to include on the web page.

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